Twelve Horsmen – Chapters 1-4

Twelve Horsemen

By E. Charles Greer




Dedicated to the true heroes of this Great Nation,

The American Soldier

** 10% of proceeds will be donated from the sale of this book.

5% to the Wounded Warriors and 5% to the Polaris Project.



** This book is intended for entertainment purposes only.  I do not advocate the succession of any state in the union from the United States Federal Government.

While serving in Iraq from 2004 to 2005 I read a review of a book about Chivalry and it peeked my interest. The book was named “The Compleat Gentleman – The Modern Man’s Guide to Chivalry”. I called home a few days later after reading the review and asked my wife to send me the book to help pass the time while serving overseas.  With, of course some hesitation, she purchased the book and sent it to me several months later.    As I read the book I realized not only was I not being the man of my home, I was also not being the man God created me to be. So I started to take a good hard look at myself, my marriage, my faith, my family and my purpose. This journey of soul searching led me on a path I was not prepared to walk.  While reading the book I learned a little about Knighthood, the Knights Templar, Freemasons and several other organizations which have been considered throughout history as some of the most secretive but influential groups.  This excited me and grabbed my interest so I started to do what most romantic minded men will do, I started to ask questions.

Ironically, while in a meeting with my Senior Non-Commissioned Officers I noticed a ring on my Platoons Sergeants hand with the symbol of the Freemasons which I had seen while doing research on the internet while reading this book.  During the course of several months I was noticing a lot of men were wearing the same ring.  At a proper time away from other soldiers I asked my Platoon Sergeant about the ring and the Freemasons.  He informed me diplomatically that they were not allowed to talk about the organization and he walked away.  Several days later I asked again, and then again and again until he finally asked why I wanted to know so badly – so I explained to him about the book I was reading on Chivalry and the Freemason organization was mentioned.  This peeked his interest and so we started to talk about the Masons but by the end of my tour the conversations died out and we never spoke about it again.

Six months after returning home from Iraq I received a phone call from a man stating my name had been given to him by a friend of his.  He asked if I would be willing to meet with him and several other gentlemen regarding the Freemasons – I of course agreed.  Within the next year and a half I had become a Master Mason and a member of the Knight Templar.  This was an extraordinary experience for me, boosting my self-esteem that I so desperately needed.  I had become a member of two prestigious, powerful and highly respected organizations in the world.  This experience helped me to understand my sense of duty, honor and loyalty to God and Country.

The reason I have incorporated my experience with the Freemasons and Knight Templar into this book is directly related to what this story is about – Duty, Loyalty and Honor to God and Country.  The Freemasons and the Knights Templar are a very loyal group of men who serve their countries anywhere in the world and in any way possible.  The creation and founding of the United States is plagued with conspiracy theories relating to the Freemasons.  It is estimated that twenty-six of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were known and active members of the Freemasons.  Whether the signers had ulterior motives when creating the United States is still left to debate but one thing is for sure, they were a very loyal group of men who wanted the citizens of this country to experience freedom that they rightfully deserved.

The Freemasons and Knights Templar are not the secret organization many conspiracy theorists lead the public to believe.  The members do not have planes for a one world government or to take over the world.  They are a group of men who hold great value in their teachings.  As one of many sayings in the Masons, “We do not make good men, we make good men better.”  When I was going through the acceptance process the lodge members definitely checked my background to ensure I was a good person.  After being accepted and going through the three degrees I understood why it was so important to ensure that every member be held to a higher standard than most men in our society.

The high standards of morality, honor, character, integrity and sense of duty is why I encourage all men, who already have these traits, to become members of the Freemasons and Knight Templar’s.  It is not difficult to join this prestigious organization nor does it take a lot of your time. It will however heighten your sense of right from wrong and lead you to becoming a more Chivalric Gentlemen.  Men who have joined one or both of these organizations in the pat have become influential in American society and its history, including sixteen of the US Presidents, 33 of the approximately 74 Generals of the Continental Army, many actors in Hollywood, businessmen that made America great to this day and many of our man in uniform who have served in the past or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces are members.  In our current society many young men lack the understanding and motivation of what the Freemasons represents and have also stated that the Freemasons were good for their fathers and grandfathers but times have changed.  It doesn’t matter what generation you are a member of, traditional up to Generation Y, Freemasonry is good for all men.

Order of the Eastern Star

I wanted to make sure women who read this book also know there are organizations for spouses and their daughters to join which support and or participate in Masonic lodge activity.  Freemasonry has a long history of women who have made major contributions to our society which have helped many men, women and children with social needs who are living in poverty.  Founded by Rob Morris in 1850, the Order of the Eastern Star is for Freemasons and their female or male relatives. Often classed as an adoptive rite, its ritual is based on the Bible, and it continues to flourish today in the United States of America.  Women who want to belong to Order of the Eastern Star must be 18 years or old and must be related to a Master Mason.  When your husband decides to become a member of the Freemasons I encourage you as the spouse or girlfriend to join this prestigious organization and participate in the extraordinary events which help thousands of Americans.

International Order of Job’s Daughters

International Order of Job’s Daughters, commonly referred as “Job’s Daughters” and abbreviated as “JDI”, is a Masonic sponsored youth organization for girls and young women.   Founded by Ethel T. Wead Mick in Omaha, Nebraska, on October 20, 1920, the purpose of this organization is to band together young girls related to Master Masons.  Some of the teaching of JDI is to build character through moral and spiritual development including a greater reverence to God and Scripture, loyalty to country and respect for parents, guardians and elders.  To become a member of Job’s Daughters a member must be a daughter of a Mason, female only and be between the ages of 10 to 20 years.  Again, I encourage all female youth to join this organization so they can learn and realize your value.

To join the Freemasons call your local Lodge and request information.  No active Mason will ever hound you to join; in fact you have to ask.  They only want serious men to join.



Chapter 1

Sierra Leon

“Good morning Director,” said Jenney Senior Intelligence Analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency on the Africa Operations Desk.  As she walks up to Director Tomlinson and shakes his hand.  “Follow me to the briefing room.”

“Perfect timing for something like this to happen!” replied the Director as he looks at Jenney.

Jenney, the Director, and his entourage of civilian and military intelligence officers make their way down a long hallway at the Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters in Langley, Virginia.  The hallway is lined with secured rooms, each room monitoring and working a specific part of the world twenty four hours a day.

Jenney swipes her card over the electronic reading device, enters an 18 digit code.  A click is heard indicating the door is unlocked and Jenney, the Director and his people enter into a large room.

In the front of the room hangs four seventy-two inch screens, visible for all personnel to watch.  The room is lined with numerous desks, multi-screen computer work stations with an analyst at each desk busily working on the current situation.  The screen to the left of the room shows a map of Sierra Leon, Africa.  The second and third screens, show real time satellite video of two oil rigs on the out skirts of the city Kenema in Sierra Leon.  The fourth screen shows the White House briefing room located on the ground level with people coming in and out, some people talking to each other, while others sat waiting for the President to enter.

“Ok sir,” said Jenney, “let me explain what we have so far.” Jenney points her finger to screen two.  “Screen two shows an oil rig located southwest of Kenema, Sierra Leon.  Screen three shows another oil rig northeast of the same city.  Both are Russian owned.  At approximately 0420 West Africa time, a group, estimated at two hundred men attacked both rigs.  Security forces at the rigs are still battling, but they won’t last much longer; maybe sixty minutes or more tops.  The estimated number of security personnel is less than fifty for both rigs.  Sierra Leon’s military has been alerted but won’t be on site for a few more hours.  The security forces have limited assets.  No Navy or Air Force. That leaves just ground forces with outdated and dilapidated Russian armored vehicles and most of those won’t even start.  Currently we have no idea who these men are, or where they’re from.  Our best guess right now is they are with the al- Shabaab group that have moved into the area in the last year.”

The director rubs his head in frustration as he watches the screens.  “What assets do we have in the area?”

“The only assets in the area right now are three field analysts.  Other than that we have nothing.  There is a British Carrier Group leaving the Mediterranean Sea.  They could be off the coast in twenty-four hour.” replied Jenney.

“The US has no Carrier Groups or Marines in the area?” asked the Director.

“No Sir.  All the Marines were removed from the Embassy two years ago and the closest carrier group is currently stationed in the Arabian Sea.  We have nothing.”

“So we have jack shit.  Fuck!”  The Director pauses.  “Typical fucking politicians.  They screw more shit up due to their budgets.”  The Director, under his breath says, “We have our hands tied behind our backs again.”

Everyone’s attention turns to the forth screen on the wall.  The room starts to quiet as they watch people in the Situation Room rush to their seats.  All stand as the President enters the room and then takes a seat at the back of a long table; the table is lined with CIA and DIA officers along with the Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State.  The President has a full view of the room with four monitors at the front of the wall.  The screen to the right of the room, screen one, shows a live feed of the oil rig southwest of the city,  and screen two shows the live feed of the oil rig northeast of the city.  Screen three shows the CIA Africa Operation room with Jenney and the Director standing in the back of the room.

“Take a seat.” The President commands. “Who am I speaking with?”

An Air Force general sitting to the Presidents right side leans in towards the President and says, “Jenney Fitzpatrick and Director Tomlinson are on screen three.  Miss Fitzpatrick is Senior Intelligence Analyst for Africa Operations at the CIA.”

“Good morning Director and Miss Fitzpatrick.”

“Good Morning Sir.” respond Jenney and the Director.

“What do you have for me Director?” asked the President.

Director Tomlinson repeats to the President what Jenney told him just a few minutes ago.  No real change has taken place since Jenney’s brief.  The President is watching the battle for the Oil Rigs in real time as he is being briefed from the Director.

“Is Russia aware of what is going on at their rigs?” asked the President to the Director.

“I am sure they do.  They are most likely watching right now like we are.”

“Do they have any assets in the area to secure the rigs?” asked the President.

“No Sir.” replied Jenney to the Presidents question.

“Ok…  Miss Fitzpatrick, what are your recommendations?”

“Sir, we don’t have any choice but to watch.  We have nothing close by to help them.  With your permission, we can send a Special Operation team to assist, but they will take twenty-four to forty-eight hours to prep and be in country.  We could also request assistance from the British Navy.  Right now that is my recommendation.” replied Jenney.

“Ok then.  Director keep me informed via General Williamson.  Jenney, we will leave the British out for now and hold on the Special Forces.” There was a short hesitation from the President. “I told Congress not to remove our carrier group from the Southern Atlantic or reduce the military period.  You all saw my speech.  This in their laps along with the new President taking over January 17th.”

“Yes Mr. President.” replied the Director.

Screen four cuts off showing a blank screen in the Africa Operations room.  Jenney and the Director both look at each other, shaking their heads.

“Fucking unbelievable!” said the Director, shaking his head.

“Listen up Africa!” Jenney shouted to the room full of analysts. “You heard the President.  Stay on the situation in Sierra Leon.  Log any information that comes in and I will update the Director on the hour.  I want to know who these men are that attacked, and where they came from.  That is the priority right know.  There is nothing we can do on the ground at this time.  Am I clear?”

An echo of yes ma’am is heard throughout the room.  “Good, carry on.”

The Director turns to Jenney and thanks her for the work she does.  The Directors entourage proceeds to leave the room as the Director takes a few moments to shake hands with analysts before he exits.

The Director exits through the door looking directly at his Assistant.  “If we have to rely on the next guy coming in we’re fucked.”



Chapter 2

The White House

            The President makes his way to the elevator, surrounded by four Secret Service agents, to return back to his office.  By his side is General Williamson and Nicolas Marques, the Presidents Chief Advisor.  Two agents enter the elevator followed by the President, the General, and Nicolas.  Two agents remained on the floor as the elevator door closed.

            “Nicolas, where is Adam Graham today?” asked the President.

“I believe he is at his intelligence briefing at Camp David.” Nicolas replied.

Adam Graham is the newly elected incoming President who will swear in to office on January 17th.  The election results have been questioned by many current members of the US House but have failed to find any evidence of tampering with the election outcome.  The two main persons of interest, the current Inspector General of the Federal Election Commission and his secretary, have been missing since two days after the election with no trace of their whereabouts.

“Ok.  Get a secured video conference started ASAP.  I want to inform him about Africa”

“Yes Sir.”  Nicolas grabs his phone and makes the call.

The President continues up to the East Wing, exits the elevator and makes his way down the hall through the East Colonnade.   The President and Nicolas continue to walk, Nicolas walking a few steps behind the President.

“I am not sure what Adam will want to do about this situation.” said the President.  “He has questionable character.”

“More than likely he will do nothing.  He made it very clear during his campaign America will not interfere with the business of other countries.” replied Nicolas.

“True. He did make that very clear, but with this situation in Africa, once it hits the media, oil prices will go through the roof and that won’t be good for his Presidency.” replied the President.

The two continue to make their way into the main area of the White House; through the main hallway on the White House ground floor.  The President stops to say hello to numerous people as he makes his way down the hall.  As the two reach the west side of the White House, Nicolas opens the door for the President.  Both felt a cold breeze come rushing through the door.

“Oh my God that is cold.” said the President. “I think this has been the coldest winter in DC since we moved into the White House.”

“I do not like winter.” responded Nicolas.

“I hate to have this attitude but I only have three months left.  I did my four years.  Technically he is in charge now.  He needs to start laying the ground for the next four years.  What he chooses to do is up to him and the people that voted for him.”  The two continue down the exterior walk outside the West Wing along the Rose Garden. “He couldn’t have made it any clearer to America that he was going to take the country in a different direction.”

“You noticed he never explained how he was going to do it, just that he was?” Nicolas said back to the President.

“I know.  That’s the scary part.  How he does it – God only knows.”

Nicolas again, opens the door for the President entering the West Wing.  Making their way down the hall to the President’s office.

The President entered the Oval Office, first followed by Nicolas, General Williamson, and then the National Security Advisor, William Brenndon.  In the middle of the room are located two couches facing each other, a coffee table in the center, and two chairs facing towards the middle of the two couches, the coffee table and the entry door to the Oval Office.  When the President took office he specifically asked to have the office painted a light tan color with white trim.  The desk he choose for the office, called “Resolute”, was chosen due to his belief that Britain was America’s only true friend.  The desk was built from the wood of the British exploration ship “Resolute” and given to President Hayes, nineteenth President of the United States as a gift by Queen Victoria of Great Britain.

There were only three decorations the President wanted on the walls.  Over the fire place hung a painting of President Washington in his Masonic apron.  On the east wall hung a copy of “Declaration of Independence” painted by John Trumbell, and on the west wall hung a full size copy of the “Constitution of the United States”.  The carpeting was designed and commissioned by the President two weeks into office.  The carpet is oval in shape, outlined with a two inch wide dark brown frame followed by twelve olive branches adorning the inside of the frame and each branch separated by a cross.  In the center is the international symbol of the Freemasons, the Square and Compass, centered with a capital “G”.

Less than twenty-four hours after the laying of the new carpet an anti-Christian group called “Earth Life”, filed a law suit to have the crosses removed from the carpet.  The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of Earth Life’s request to have the crosses removed.  The President responded to the ruling shortly after the Supreme Court decision from his podium in the Rose Garden.

“When I ran for President, I did not keep, nor will I ever keep secret, my faith in God and Jesus Christ our Savior.  The first order I gave when I moved into the White House was to have the House blessed and rid of any Demons that reside here.  I pray daily.  I pray over my meals.  I pray for all Americans.  I attend service every Sunday morning, and I will continue to do so until I am gone.  I will always be faithful and loyal to God and Christ.  Therefore, if anyone has an issue with the crosses on my carpet or the Bible on my desk, I challenge you to come and remove them.  If you do have the insanity to try and remove them, I assure you, I will freely give my life to defend the cross.  So Good Luck!”

The President left the podium and went inside of the White House.  The crosses were never removed, no one attempted to try, and they remained there until his final day in office.  The Presidents stance would be heard around the world and every living person knew his faith and never challenged him again.  This gained him great respect by the people of America whether they voted for him or not.  He stood his ground and never wavered.

Now the office is set up with a few additions for the meeting.  There is a TV screen on a rolling stand.  A small video camera next to the TV and two video operators to ensure all the equipment is ready and working for a meeting with Adam Graham, the new incoming President.  The TV screen is turned showing Adam Graham putting on his microphone.

“Are we on?” asked Adam to the women assisting him with the mic.

“Yes Sir.” responded the assistant. “Look right at the camera and watch the screen on the left where you see the President.”

“Ok.  I am ready.  Now get away from me.”  Adam motioned the assistance to move away from him.

“Good morning Adam.” said the President.

“Good morning.” replied Adam back.

“I will make this quick.  I know you have a busy schedule today.


The President begins introducing the individuals on the screen, “I have here with me General Williamson, Nicolas Marques my Chief Advisor, and William Brenndon my National Security Advisor.”

“Good morning” Adam said to them all.

The President continues. “Thirty minutes ago I was briefed on a situation taking place as we speak in Sierra Leon, Africa.  Seems that two Russian owned Oil Rigs are currently being attacked by an unknown group.”

“Ok.  So…What” Laughed Adam.

The President closes his eyes and shakes his head, “That’s all you have to say?”

“Why are you telling me this?  Why would I care?” asked Adam.

“They need our assistance Adam.  I want to inform you on the situation.  I don’t want to hand over a Presidency with a conflict to you.  We need to make a decision together on what to do.”

“So what I hear you saying is you don’t want to set me up for failure.” responded Adam with a condescending tone, “I assure you I won’t fail.”

“No Adam… that is not what I am saying.” replied the President. He paused, again disappointed in Adams response to his good gesture.  “What I am trying to show…”

Adam rudely interrupts the President by putting his hands up signaling the President to stop talking.  “Listen!  I couldn’t give a shit about Africa.  Unlike you and those fucking morons you call an administration.  Africa serves no benefit to me.  If you want my opinion, screw Africa.  It’s of no value.”

The President looks at his staff in the room and shakes his head.  Looking back at the camera and TV screen. “Do you really believe that?” the President asks Adam.

“Hell Yes!!!” responded Adam.  “If you do anything from now till I take over it will be on your head, not mine.  I will not back you on anything and I will see to it you and your party look like a bunch of idiots.”

The President watches the screen in shock and doesn’t hide his facial expression.

Adam continues. “My party has put up with enough shit from yours the last four years.  I don’t care about other countries and what they do, and I sure as hell don’t want those fucking Britain’s and Jews getting involved with the US any longer.” The President could visibly see Adam turning red with anger.  “You can tell them to stay the fuck out!  No! Better yet – I will tell them on January 17th.”

Adam stands up and grabbing the wire to the mic on his lapel yanking it off and walks off camera.  The president and his staff stare at the screen for what seemed to be five minutes in disbelief.  The President closes his eyes, drops his head, “God help the United States.”

General Williamson turns and looks at Nicolas saying, “That was disturbing.”



Chapter 3

Washington/ Potomac Golf


“Mr. President, is there anything I can get for you while you wait for your guests?” asked the waiter to President Graham sitting at the bar in the country club.

“No I am good for now,” replied the President.  The waiter turns and starts to walk away when the President says, “no wait, I think I will have a coffee.  Long night last night, it will help keep me alert to kick there asses on the green.”

The waiter starts to laugh, “I have never seen you not kick their asses on the green Mr. President.  I will get your coffee right away Sir.”

The President looks at the waiter and returns the laugh, “thanks” responded the President.

Spring time in Washington DC had come early; one of the most beautiful times for DC residence.  Trees are blossoming, people out walking and running, men and women were hitting the golf courses all around the city.  Life was returning after a long hard winter.  The Washington – Potomac Country Club was no exception.  Located one mile south of the White House, it has a long history of being the Presidents golf course.  American Presidents have been golfing here since it was created in the early 1920’s.  Used mainly for leisure time, many Presidents, Congressmen and Women, Lobbyists and Businessmen and Women come here to make deals which affect every American.  Since the late 1930’s when golfing had become a popular sport in America, the Secret Service has dedicated 80 agents to secure the Country Club grounds twenty-four hours, seven days a weeks.  Washington – Potomac Country Club is as secure as the White House.

“Mr. President.” said Agent McDaniel.


“Mr. Weston will be arriving in 3 minutes and Mr. King will arrive in 8 minutes.  I will come get you when Mr. Weston arrives.  As always there will be an agent detail with you during your game.  Your cart is ready with your clubs right outside in the back by the first hole along with the agents.  Is there anything I can do for you at this time Sir?”

“No I am good.”

“Alright Sir, I will be back in a few minutes.”

The waiter returns to the bar with the President’s coffee.  “Here is your coffee Sir.  Did you need cream and sugar?”

“No I am good.”

“Do you want a coffee to take with you while you are golfing Sir?”

“No. One is enough for now.  Thank you.”

“Yes sir.  Have a great game.”  The waiter walks away while the president returns to his thoughts.

President Graham has been the President for four months and in that time he has been able to sever relations with Britain and Israel, and weaken the relationships with many other countries who were once US allies.  The United States and Great Britain have been fostering their relationship and building their trust for over two hundred years.  Now in just a matter of months President Graham has been able to destroy this relationship due to his Administration and Congress’s continued attempt to build and strengthen relations with Russia and China.  Britain and Israel agreed to suspend further diplomacy with the United States.  Three months ago members of the British Parliament, as did the Israeli Knesset, voted overwhelmingly to stop all imports and exports to and from the United States.  The British Crown and the Israeli Prime Minister together agreed that the American governments attempt to build a relationship between their enemies were not of their best interest.  The two countries decided any and all American goods were to be returned to Port of Exit, all US Military and Civilian persons were ordered to leave the country, all British and Israeli citizens were ordered to return to their perspective countries, and no US citizens were allowed entry into Britain or Israel for any reason until further notice.

The Israeli government use to receive approximately three billion US dollars per year in aide but as the Knesset voted to cut ties with the US it also voted to stop the acceptance of all US financial and military aid.  Immediately after the Knesset voted the Israeli Defense Force was mobilized and ordered to all borders of the country.  Unsure of what the US Government would due after their decision, Israel chose defensive action was the best plan.  Britain sent ten thousand soldiers and a carrier group to Israel assisting in security and sent messages to Egypt, Syria, Iran, Jordan and Saudi Arabia warning any action against Israel taken will be an act of war against England.

The President knew what he had done.  Destroyed years of hard work and compromise by hundreds of men and women in Congress before him, but he didn’t care.  He only cared about his own agenda.   His goals were coming along quiet well with the strengthening of US relations with China, Russia and Saudi Arabia.  The United States owed so much to these three countries when he took office that the only way to ensure the US was not destabilized economically was to make these three countries allies.  To accomplish this relationship building – China, Russia and Saudi Arabia ordered the President to end their relationship with Britain and Israel.  The President knowing the damage these three countries could do, he agreed, and within the first three months of his administration the President publicly stated relations with Britain and Israel has ended.

Public outcry went ignored.  Hundreds of protests took place throughout the country against the decision the President had made without the peoples approval.  Millions of Americans gathered in Washington and at most State Capital Buildings.  Congressmen and Women siding with the President’s decision were working to calm and convince their constituents the President’s decision was the right choice.  Regardless of the negative response from American citizens the President and Congress continued with the agenda.  Russian, Chinese and Muslim Americans also gathered to show support of the President’s decision.  Most protests ended peacefully and without incident as they do in the US.  After several months had past, citizens calmed and returned to their homes and the President continued.

“President Graham” said Agent McDaniel, waking the President from his deep thoughts, “Mr. Weston has arrived.  I will walk you to your Cart.”

The President takes his right hand and rubs his face waking himself from his deep thoughts.  The President stands and the two walk out to the back of the club and through the large double glass doors leading to a large patio.  The Agent led the President to the right and made their way to the north side of the patio, down the steps to the path where all the golf carts were lined up to make their way to the first hole. There Mr. Weston was waiting at the Golf Cart.

“Adam, how are you?  Ready to get your ass kicked?” The two shook hands. “I have been working on my swing for the last several weeks.” said Richard Weston, Secretary of Homeland Security.

“I haven’t had my ass handed to me in over fifteen years on the golf course and I don’t for see it happening today.  Besides, I saw how you played last month and you need more than 2 weeks of practice to get your swing inline.” said the President.

Both laughed as they prepared their clubs for the game.  Mr. King arrived shortly after Mr. Weston did.  The three began their game with the intention of just having some fun on a Sunday afternoon.  Unfortunately, it never turns out that way.

The three men jumped into a four seated golf cart driven by an agent. “Let’s get going!” said the President sitting in the front passenger seat.

“How’s the family doing Joe?” asked the President to Joseph King, Attorney General.

“Oh their fine.  My oldest graduates from high school next June and then off to college.  My youngest is doing well.  She just returned from Spain last week.  My wife is still a pain in my ass.” replied Andrew.  All the men laughed.

“What women isn’t a pain?” asked Richard.

“You need a girlfriend Joe.” said the President.

“I do have one and she is a pain also!” Laughed Joseph.

All the men laughed at Josephs comment.

“No shit!” said the President.

“Yeah.  She threatened me and said she was going to my wife and tell her about our affair and she would also go public about it.  It took me a while but I was able to convince her not to do it.” Replied Joe.

“You think she will?” asked the Richard.  The President looked at Richard and then back to Joseph with a concerned look.

“I don’t think so.” Responded Joseph.  “I think I can keep her under control.”

“Have you said anything to her about our plans?” Asked the President.

“Honestly.  I caught her looking at some documents I had in my brief case.  We went to dinner when my wife was out of town.  I stopped at a gas station.  Went in to grab something and when I came out she was quickly putting a file back into the case.  There were several files in the case so I am not sure what she saw if she saw anything.  I didn’t say anything but I knew what she was doing.” Responded Joseph to the Presidents question.  “I am not too worried about. She is a nice girl.”

Richard and the President looked at each other with a concerned look.  Joseph was preparing to swing his club.  He was no longer watching Richard and the President.  Richard looked at the President as he asked Joseph, “So who is the women you seeing?”

“Tabitha.” Responded Joseph.

“Sounds like a stripper’s name.” Said the President.  Richard started to giggle.

“It does doesn’t it.” Said Joseph giggling himself.  “I met her on an online dating site about a year ago.  She is actually really sweet.”

“They all are at first.”  Said the President.  “Then one day there dark side comes out of nowhere.”

The men continue with small talk about family, kids, wives and their mistresses until they reach the second hole.  The golf cart stops at the first hole and the four men jump out.  The agent stands guard to the left of the President.  The game begins.  The President tees off.

“Were you able to get field ops from the FBI embedded into Britain and Isreal?” asked Richard.

“Ya.  We got four in each country but due to the situation with Britain, the Ambassador was kicked out.  We still have three.  One in Parliament, one at the Royal Army Headquarters, and one as an office cleaner in MI5.  Israel is not going well.  Two were caught and executed and the other two have not been able to get positions.” replied Joseph.

“Those Jews are good aren’t they?” responded Richard.  “They can peg a spy almost every time.”

The President over hearing the conversation chimed in, “I hate those Jews and Brits.  Fuck them.” Under his breath the President added, “Good my ass.”  The president takes his swing.

“So then what is going on with Russia Adam?” asked Richard.

The President returned his full attention to the conversation.  “I am sending William to Russia on Monday to first speak with Russian SVR on the operation in Africa and then on economic trade since we lost so much with Britain and Israel.  Gas prices are up to six dollars a gallon and that is taking a toll on public opinion of me.  Not that I care about public opinion.”

“And are the American and Russian forces still training right now for the operation?” asked Joe.

“Yes.  Somewhere in Liberia.  There is an abandoned Russian base they are using for training.  The operation should be taking place in the next few weeks.

“And what about China?” Richard asked the President.

“I sent a few people over there to work economic deals.  So far we have been getting some good deals for giving complete plans to our Nuclear Missiles, satellite systems, and access to military bases for training.”  The President arrogantly laughs, “The Chinese have been very cooperative.”

Richard snickers also, “I bet they are, you have saved them a lot of money, time and resources since coming into office.  Just don’t give them my number.”

“No they won’t get that but they do have several people in their cross hairs in case they try and go against me.”

“What do you mean?” ask Joe

“Meaning – any one that goes against my plans with China or Russia will be eliminated.  I give a name and a photo and they are dead.  This is too important to Russia and China for someone to interfere and stop what they are getting.”

Joe and Richard look at each other, then back to the President with a concerned look on their faces.

“Don’t worry,” replied the President, as he looks up at them, “as long as you stay loyal to me, you will be protected.”

Joe and Richard look at each other and chuckle.  Unaware that at the same time they are having the same thought, both hoping they are on the right side.



Chapter 4



“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for a great evening as always.  My wife and I always enjoy these evening with friends and I wish we could stay longer, but I promised our daughter we would be back early enough to watch a Friday night movie, have popcorn and an ice cream sundae. The sundae being my wife’s idea.” Senator Reardon said as he looked down at his wife with a loving smile followed by a chuckle.

“Oh please,” said Kaylinn, Senator Reardon’s wife replied with pompous smile, “I have to watch what I eat.  All the ladies here know being a Senators wife is not easy and we always have to look are very best for our Senator husbands.”  Kaylinn and the other wives start laughing in agreement.

“So Senator, before you leave us for the night, when will you be announcing your candidacy for President?” asked Senator Roberts as he stood to shake Senator Reardon’s hand.

Senator John Reardon, a twenty-two year sitting Senator from the northern District of Delaware sits on numerous Senate Committees.  He sits on two committees which give him great advantage within the rank and files of Congress, the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and the select Committee on Intelligence.  These two committees give the Senator great power and he gets advanced knowledge on intelligence reports that are reported before it is disseminated to law enforcement agencies or leaked to the media.  This way he can leak and stop any information to the public media which may have been collected on people he is working with.

“I will officially be announcing my run in the next few weeks.”

“Good, then the battle will begin,” said Roberts, “I look forward to that fight.”

Reardon replies with confidence in his voice, “It won’t be much of a battle I assure all of you, I will beat the President in the next race and it won’t take much effort.”

“You say that with great confidence John.  What makes you so sure you will win without much of a battle?” asked Senator McLean who was sitting next to Senator Reardon.

“Because I have the right people on my side and are working diligently to ensure I win.” Reardon replies arrogantly.

“You better John.  All of us at this table have a lot riding on you winning.” replied Senator Roberts.

“I will win and all of you will be given a special place in my Cabinet.  But until then, have a great night.”

“Good night ladies.” said Kaylinn.

Senator Reardon and Kaylinn make their way around the table as the men shook hands and the ladies gave delicate kisses on the cheek and a hug to each other as they depart.  John and Kaylinn walk to the coat room and retrieve their coats, give a small tip to the server and walk out the front door of the tavern.   Kaylinn in front and John behind her, they make a right out of the door.  Kaylinn became startled and stopped abruptly.

“Kaylinn,” John said with irritation as he ran into the back of her.

Standing waiting patiently was a large, tall man with olive colored skin and piercing black eyes.  He walks up to Kaylinn and John, “Excuse me Senator, a friend of yours would like to have a word with you.”

“I really don’t have time to see anyone right now.  Tell them to contact my office on Monday and they can set up an appointment.”

“Sir, he insists you see him now.” replied the driver.

“Oh he insists does he?”

John looks at the Limousine, realizing who was waiting. His wife turns to him with a concerned look, “John, what’s going on?”

“Work Kaylinn…just work.  I will be right back.” replied John as he gives his wife a kiss on the cheek.

Senator Reardon is led over to the rear door of the limo.  The driver opens the door and John climbs into the back.  The limo door shuts behind him and with a deep Middle Eastern accent, Saad Houmad says, “Good evening Senator”.

“I told you to never contact me in public.” said the Senator with anger in his voice.

“Don’t worry Senator; Americans are too busy with their own drama to be concerned with what you and I have planned.”  Saad lights a cigarette and gives the Senator a worried look.

“What’s wrong?’ asked the Senator with his own worried look.

“We are moving the operation up.  Next Sunday the attack will take place. Intelligence coming out of DC is showing sign’s the FBI and CIA has information, limited information, but information none the less that something is being planned.  We cannot take the risk waiting so I am moving up the operation.”

“Have you forgotten what committees I sit on?  I know the FBI and CIA have intelligence but not enough to put anything together.  Regardless, one week is to soon Saad, there is a reason I choose the date, time and place.” said the Senator with a disappointing tone, “are your people even ready to carry out the attack in the next week?”

“Yes…they are ready.  They have been waiting patiently for martyrdom for many years, waiting for the chance to strike at the heart of the America.”

Looking out the dark tinted window of the limo at his wife standing on the sidewalk, patiently waiting for her Senator husband, with a deep and nervous breath the Senator replied, “I don’t agree with moving up the time.”

“You don’t have a choice Senator,” replied Saad.  “I am making the decisions now.  I stand to lose a lot of money moving up the attack but we will still get you into the White House.  After you are elected President you will ensure I get what I want… or else.”

With a quick turn of his head, the Senator looks at Saad with a look of shock, “Or else what?”

With a soft laugh under his breath followed by a deathly grin Saad looks right into the eyes of the Senator, “Do you think I can allow loose ends if you are not elected President.  If you are not elected to the White House, you will not live to see the rise of the morning sun.”

The Senators eyes started to gloss over and with a frightened look on his face he turns to Saad, “Killing me was not part of my plan.  Do you think you will actually get away with assassinating a United States Senator?”

“I will get away with it because your government will let me get away with it.  Once they find out one of their own sitting Senators of over twenty years of service helped to plan and put into motion a massive suicide bombing on their own soil, they will stop at nothing to keep it from the public.  Remember Senator, there are only fifty-seven people who know what is being planned.  Fifty-five are martyrs and will be dead.  This will leave only you and me who can talk.  I will be gone from the States by the time the attack even happens so that will leave you to take the fall if the plan fails.”

“You fucking prick,” the Senator said, looking at Saad with shock and rage on his face.

Saad started to laugh.

A thousand ways to die started running through the Senators mind.  Hanging, beheading, strangulation, a bullet to the head were just a few of the many ways.  The thought of regret started to come upon the Senator, his mind started thinking and a chill flowed over his body.  He needed to prepare for the worst and start thinking of a back-up plan in case he didn’t get elected.  Saad had many contacts within the US and its government.  It would be easy for Saad to take him out.  Who could he contact in case something happened to him?  Who would understand what he was planning and why he would plan a mass murder?  So many men and women in Washington did not like the President and what he stands for but no one came to mind who would betray their country to get rid of him.

“Really Senator?” said Saad with a condescending tone in his voice, “you Americans have been making the same mistake over and over again for so many years and still have not learned.  Your enemies are not your friends.  I am your enemy, a Muslim and you and your people are Christians, Zionists, and Infidels…my enemy.  It is our goal to rid the world of you and your people…Christians, or to convert you all to Islam.  The choice will be yours, Islam or death.  It has been and always will be this way.”

“Well then, let’s hope I am elected as the new President and you will get what you want.” said Senator Reardon.

With a deep laugh Saad said, “Yes… Let’s hope so.  Your life depends on both plans to be successful.”

Senator Reardon taps on the window of the limo signaling for the driver to open the door.  He gets out and walks over to his wife who has been patiently waiting.  The Senator looks back at the limo and into the window of the car; it took him every ounce of energy to keep the visibility of fear off his face and out of his posture.  He had fear coursing through his body, heart rate rocketing along with stomach turning to the point he had to force himself not to vomit.  He looked back at his wife and gave her a kiss as though nothing was wrong.  After twenty-five years of marriage a wife knows when something is wrong and she sensed it as soon as his lips met hers.  She asked in a worried but comforting voice, “Are you ok John?”

The Senator looks into her eyes and with a deceptive answer, “Yes… everything is just fine.”

But Kaylinn knew – she sensed everything was not fine.