Sir Robert of Saint Albans

My name is Sir Robert Anthony of Saint Albans.  I am a Templar Knight traveling from Jerusalem back to my home in Saint Albans, England after the 8th Crusades.

I was born in a small northern town of Saint Albans, Britannia, now known as England.  My mother and father worked for King Henry III as court servants. My mother and father were well liked by the King and because he liked them so much he took great care of my needs.  We became so close that some called us brothers.  On my thirteenth birthday the King gave me a party fit for a King.  During my birthday party he asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I said I wanted to be a Knight, one of his Knights.  He granted me that wish and soon after I began learning the art of being a Knight.  I graduated the School of Knights in 1269 and was sent to the City of Jerusalem to serve my King.

My service as a Knight to King Henry III during the 8th Crusades ended in 1271 and so began my journey home to England from the Jerusalem.  This is when my true adventures began. I will tell you stories of my adventures as I travel through the many lands of Europe, meeting many people, and having many opportunities to serve God.  My stories are for Boys and Girls of all ages.  I tell you these stories so you too can learn the art of Knighthood and Chivalry.  As the King and the School of Knights taught me to be a better person, I too hope my stories will excite you to be a better person too.


Code of Chivalry

To fear God and maintain His Church.

To serve your country in valor and faith.

To protect the weak and defenseless.

To give succor to widows and orphans.

To refrain from the wanton giving of offence.

To live by honor and for glory.

To despise pecuniary reward.

To fight for the welfare of all.

To obey those placed in authority.

To guard the honor of fellow knights.

To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit.

To keep faith.

At all times to speak the truth.

To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun.

To respect the honor of women.

Never to refuse a challenge from an equal.

Never to turn your back upon a foe.