Erik C. Greer


E. Charles GreerIt is an honor to call myself a Christian, Conservative, and a Republican that believes America is the greatest country on Earth. I spent most of my adult life residing in Ohio and in 2011 I made a major change and move to the Washington D.C. area to live and work. I have served proudly in the US Military for 13 years. First entering service in the US Marines from 1989 to 1993 and in 2000 enlisted in the Ohio National Guard where I eventually served a tour in Iraq supporting Operation Iraqi freedom. I currently reside in the State of Maryland and currently serving in the Maryland Army National Guard.

There was a brief period between 2006 and 2011 that I was not serving in the military. I needed a break.  When I decided to return to military service I choose an occupation as an analyst where I could put to use my past training in the US Marines and Ohio Guard. As an analyst, I was able to find a true passion for writing and analytical work. I began writing short stories in an area that was always intriguing to me – Spy thrillers. Granted, most of the spy novels we read are fiction, but who can really say they don’t love a good Ian Fleming, Dan Brown, John la Carre’, Dan Silva, Joseph Conrad, or Robert Ludlum thriller spy novel. Right? When I decided to start writing, I wanted something different. I wanted to capture reality and implement fantasy in a story. I wanted my reader, as they were reading my novels, to ask themselves – What if?

flag_of_the_knights_templar__several_resolutions__by_jpviktorjokinen-d5pg4kn 3I hope you all enjoy my novels that are soon to be published and I do hope when you are done you ask – What if?

God Bless you and Enjoy!!!