Twelve Horsemen

For the last ten years, the human race has seen bloody conflicts throughout most of the world.  Islam is on the rise and Christianity has been outlawed in most countries with the exception of the United States, Western Europe and Israel, until now.  The President of the United States has severed all ties with Western Europe and Israel and are now allied with Russia and China.  Britain has sent a third of its military to Israel assisting in securing its borders and battling Hamas. France, Italy, Spain and Germany have extended their military resources battling Islamic extremists in their own cities. Japan and South Korea are rebuilding after a seven month war with North Korea.

As the world falls further into chaos, Governor Richard Williams along with eleven State Governors are waiting for the right moment to secede the Union.  These twelve hero’s will soon be known as the “Twelve Horsemen”.  For the last ten years the Twelve Horsemen have stood by ideally, helplessly, as they watched the President and Congress take away America’s income, their right to bear arms and free speech, and even increased federal income tax to thirty-nine percent pushing the country further into poverty.  Days after the government passed into law Executive Order 131341, the Patriot Financial Claim, a massive terrorist attack occurs in thirty-seven cities throughout the United States.  The response from the government for this attack by Islamic extremism is to declare martial law and propose outlawing Christianity.  The government enacts martial law focusing all searches and seizures on American citizens only.  Seeing this attack as a failure by the government to protect America and its citizens, the Twelve Horsemen unanimously vote to execute Operation New Union.

Operation New Union starts a modern day Civil War that splits America down the middle even further.  The government mobilizes the military to put down the people but the combined forces of the US military are not enough.  As the US Government loses control, the government elects to authorize Russian and Chinese units to assist in taking back control over the lost states.  This act of betrayal from the government leads the military to join with the forces of the Twelve Horsemen.

As the battles become bloodier and more vicious, an old military order awakens.  From a pin hole of light comes a force that has been sleeping for seven hundred years, waiting for the one day to rise again – The Knights Templar.