“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

                                                                              – Albert Pike

I believe that every person should help the needy in what ever way or strength they have.  When an individual participates in philanthropy, moral consolation, fund raising, donations, collection drives, volunteering, or educating others they open more possibility.  Another way to help those in need is through great mentors and leadership.  If you spend just a few hours a week doing one of the listed it will give you great reward.

59e798766ae48b2b1d098fde9e7ea1f7Because I believe that a great leader is one who leads by example, I have chosen to donate 10% of the profits from each book to the below organizations.  I choose Wounded Warrior due to my service in the military and I also know how much each of our men and women have had to sacrifice financially, mentally, physically, spiritually, and even with their lives for our freedoms.  I choose Polaris Project because I know how Human Trafficking effects our society.  It is appalling to think there are people around the globe that believe selling women and children is acceptable.  As a free society we must make sure that this crime stops at all costs and ensure that our women and children are safe from trafficking for another’s profit.

Please click on the links below to donate and help their cause.

Wounded Warrior Project


Polaris Project