You know you are a conservative if…

By Charles Greer


“Our conflict is not likely to cease so soon as every good man would wish. The measure of iniquity is not yet filled; and unless we can return a little more to first principles, and act a little more upon patriotic ground, I do not know when it will…”                           George Washington

Most Americans could care less what political party one is affiliated with these days.  Most believe that there is too much fighting and not enough team work taking place in American politics. It is however still very important to know the people you associate with are Conservative or Liberal.  The reasoning is simple.  If you have conservative values, live by the Rule of Law, understand the importance of the Family Unit, believe there is a high being we all answer too, and participate daily in your child’s life, you may not want to associate with Liberals.  In my opinion, they are the root cause of all the issues in America today.  Every day of my life since I joined the United States Armed Forces I live by this quote by George Washington;

“Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.”                                                    George Washington

Liberals live by a different set of rules than normal, hardworking, law abiding citizens in America do today.  They have different rules for themselves and the rest of society.  They have elitist attitudes.  Self-sacrifice is only for others, not them and liberals want to co-exist but only by their rules.  A Liberal’s definition of Social Justice is to “forcibly take from hardworking people and give to people that do not want to work.  Liberals are not living their lives by the definition of Moral Fiber.  The definition is “The capacity to do what is right, no matter what the circumstances”.  Instead of giving to the poor, those that truly need it, they take and give to all regardless of circumstances.  No matter how they spin it, giving to people that feel they deserve wealth for no reason is not a part of the definition of poor.

As a conservative American, I believe that we should return to the simple and easy to follow “Code of Chivalry”.